PETER/Hybrid #2/Eye Of Horus

PETER/Hybrid #2/Eye Of Horus
by Sara Shelton Mann (2013-14)


The Joe Goode Annex, SF/LA Live Arts, LA/Dock 11, Berlin/Jessie Square, SF


In PETER, simple elements construct a game inside the mind as an electrical magnetism produces heat inside Jesse’s [Hewit] body. From solo to solo bodies change shape, weight, size and meaning. PETER is facing the stars. I invite you into the journey. Perhaps we’ll share a meal together, watch that yellow yoke drop into the ocean or flag a shooting star. – S.S. Mann


Created and directed by: Sara Shelton Mann |Co-Collaborators: Jesse Hewit, Jorge De Hoyos, Sara Yassky, David Szlasa, Christine Bonansea, Robbie Beahrs, Sherwood Chen, Mark Growden


Video of Hybrid #2/#4 at Dock 11, Berlin (July, 2014)

Hybrid #4 from Sara Shelton Mann on Vimeo.


Video of PETER at Joe Goode Annex, SF (March, 2013)

Eye of Leo – Peter from Sara Shelton Mann on Vimeo.


/cover photo by Robbie Sweeny