Performance works

A Practice on the Relentlessness of Form

A practice on the Relentlessness of Form with Maria F. Scaroni (2014) – Z Space, SF


Inspired by experiments in working toward and away from “form”, a practice…operates as a three part experiment in matching forms to conditions. There is a sacred drinking song in three part-harmony, there is a long-form danced duet where unison evades but shared energy creates relentless duration, and there is a solo where the previous elements collapse with furious texts, narrating the conditions, limitations, and problematic perfections of form.

Choreographed, directed, designed, and performed by Jesse Hewit and Maria F. Scaroni | Additional performance by: Noah Miller and Wiley Naman-Strasser | Music by: Sun Ra


Support from Z Space, The Zellerbach Family Foundation, and MAP Fund and from residency granted by Ponderosa Tanzland


/cover photo by Robbie Sweeny