All The Practice

All The Practice

Nov 11 2014 – Nov 16 2014


Created and curated by Jesse Hewit and Larry Arrington, and co-produced with Z Space


How do we insist on the value of our practices, which are arguably the bones, muscles and blood of our lives as artists; the actions that last long before and after our “pieces” are done, our funding is dry, and our careers have been made socio-economically impossible? Can we redefine what art operates as, by veering our critical attention away from the art object or “piece”, and instead inviting audiences into our work and creating experiences and sensations that are INCLUSIVE of our actual practices of being artists? Let’s rally around practice, look at it closely, let it compose our reality, honor it obsessively, and allow it to give us connectivity, catharsis, and criticality.

For the week of November 10th-16th, we are programming ALL THE PRACTICE, an entire week of action at Z Space in San Francisco, all dedicated to making art, conversations, and happenings that will elevate PRACTICE. We are inviting YOU and an army of rigorous artists practicing in and around forms of dance and performance to gather, practice, watch each other practice, learn each other’s practices, practice seeing the practice in places where we might not usually look for it, talk about new ideas for funding/resources/support, listen to our elders, and take stock of what it is to lead of life of practice. Also, this is a week to think and feel critically about what a “practice” really is, and how when we have one, we really do have SO MUCH.

Nov 11th – 7:30pm

Dance Discourse Project #20 – WHAT WE’RE REALLY MAKING…

Created by Mary Armentrout
curated and co-facilitated by Jesse Hewit
Guest panelists Margaret Jenkins, Brontez Purnell, Nina Haft, Dia Dear, and Sara Shelton Mann

Nov 12th – 8:00pm


Many many many experiential offerings from us to you
Created and curated by Larry Arrington with Sri Louise, Maryanna Lachman, Mara Poliak, Rachael Dichter, Oscar Tidd, Sophia Wang, Brontez Purnell, Tove Sahlin, Maria Francesca Scaroni, Mica Sigourney, Ronja Ver, Annie Danger, Chani Bockwinkel, Jesse Hewit, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Sara Yassky, Minna Harri, Abby Crain, Ruairi Donovan, and Monique Jenkinson

Nov 14th – 8:00pm


An experiment in parallel practice, alternative composition, and value created and curated by Jesse Hewit with Marina Fukushima, Brontez Purnell, Maria Francesca Scaroni, Tove Sahlin, Tossie Long, Daiane Lopes da Silva, Amara Tabor-Smith, Annie Danger, Jassem Hindi, Anna Martine Whitehead, Keyon Gaskin, Allie Hankins, Abby Crain, Monique Jenkinson, Larry Arrington, Ruairi Donovan and Leslie Castellano

Nov 15th & 16th – 8:00pm

WE by Larry Arrington
A Practice on the Relentlessness of Form
by Jesse Hewit/Maria Francesca Scaroni


/cover photo by Robbie Sweeny